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The Kern Pastors Network is dedicated to growing the numbers and influence of pastors and churches that are actively integrating faith, work, and economics for ministry that produces human flourishing.

Vocational pastoral ministry is a lifelong calling. By God’s grace, Kern Pastors will remain faithful to that calling by becoming, in increasing measure, pastors who are spiritually whole, relationally healthy, pastorally prepared, and culturally engaged.

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    12 things you should know to live a life of fruitful work.

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    Read our review on AEI’s latest book. 

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    Helpful reads about faith, works, and economics. 

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  • Tuesday, 09 September 2014
    Redeeming Work: Denver How different would the world be if Christians saw their jobs as a calling? LJ Live seeks to answer this question and more in their…
  • Seminar with Joel Johnson How can a pastor impart a biblical perspective on work that enables people to experience more satisfaction and fulfillment in their daily lives? How can…

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